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13800 Butterworth,
Penang, Malaysia.
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Multi soap tray

Cookies tray



Cookies round container

Medium Basket cookies container

Small Basket cookies container



Die cut box

Die-cut box

Die-cut box

100BPS (100ml)

100DZ (100ml)

100HF (100ml)

120WFT (135ml)

100ml Clear Pet Bottle

330PX (330ml)

5.0liter liquid detergent plastic bottle


Capsule black+red

Capsule blue+white

Capsule green

Capsule green+white

Carton paper

Carton paper roll

Rectangle Scale

Sealing machine

11C*30*120mm Blue

11C*30*120mm Gold

11C*30*120mm Green

11C*30*120mm Pink

PJ100B (100G)

PJ100S (100G)

PJ10S (10g)

PJ150B (150G)

Bubble envelope (25cm x 29cm)

Bubble envelope (30cm x 32cm)

Bubble envelope (35cm x 45cm)


Brown bubble roll

bubble roll


Candy plastic


200 x 146 x 190

270 x 207 x 220

270 x 215 x 225

276 x 209 x 250

Cloh zipper bag (23cm*30cm)

Cloth zipper bag (24cm*34cm)

Cloth zipper bag(20cm*26cm)


Container with lids


Cookies Plastic Bag

Cookies Plastic Bag

Cookies Plastic Bag

CPB001 (Monter)


Black & White tiub bottle

Black soft tiub bottle


Bag 034

Bag 21

Bag 248






Filter roll


10cm*15cm Black

10cm*15cm Gold

10cm*15cm Green

10cm*15cm Purple

Black rectangle container

Black round container


14oz (400ml) Black paper cup

14oz (400ml) Brown paper cup

14oz (400ml) Coco paper cup

14oz (400ml) Red paper cup

Ice cream cup


1002 100mm x 200mm

10cm x 15cm

11cm x 23cm

Hanger 10cm x 15cm

Can Sealing Machine

Can Sealing machine

Seal foil machine


Measurement cup


PP Cup


OPP Stick Bag (110mm x 240mm)

OPP Stick Bag (120mm x 170mm)

OPP Stick Bag (50mm x 80mm)

OPP Stick Bag (60mm x 80mm)

Paper container


Pizza hut box


Single Plastic Cup Bag


1000ml PP Cup

32oz plastic cup

32oz plastic cup

32oz plastic cup+straw+plastic bag

Black jar 1090ml(8.5cm*20cm)

Black jar 155ml(5.5cm x 8cm)

Black jar 200ml(5.5cm x 10cm)

Black jar 245ml(5.5cm x 12cm)

1751 (245g) 1471 (110g)


Dia 40mm x 290mm(H)

Dia 60mm x 115mm(H)

Dia 60mm x 120mm(H) / 150mm(H)

Dia 60mm x 125mm(H)

Seal Foil Machine

Sealing machine

vertical sealing machine


Slical gel


Black spoon and fork


Honey straw

Paper straw


Filter tea bag

Nylon tea bag (160mm)

Nylon tea bag roll

Tea Bag

100ml tiub bag

3 seal tiub bag

Foil Tiub bag


Gold vaccum bag (100+60*330mm)

Gold vaccum bag (120+60*350mm)

Gold vaccum bag (60+40*220mm)

Sliver vaccum bag (110mm+60mm*300mm)

Zipper bag (10cm x 15cm)

Zipper bag (10cm x 15cm)

Zipper bag (13cm x 20cm)

Zipper bag (15cm x 23cm)

Black Foil Bag (110mm x 160mm)

Black Foil Bag (140mm x 200mm)

Black Foil Bag (160mm x 240mm)

Black Foil Bag (180mm x 260mm)

17cm x 15cm

bear 15cm x 20cm

Cat 15.5cm x 23cm

Juice Plastic Bag

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