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13800 Butterworth,
Penang, Malaysia.
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Multi soap tray

Cookies tray



Cookies round container

Medium Basket cookies container

Small Basket cookies container



Die cut box

Die-cut box

Die-cut box

100BPS (100ml)

100DZ (100ml)

100HF (100ml)

120WFT (135ml)

100ml Clear Pet Bottle

330PX (330ml)

5.0liter liquid detergent plastic bottle


Capsule black+red

Capsule blue+white

Capsule green

Capsule green+white

Carton paper

Carton paper roll

Rectangle Scale

Sealing machine

11C*30*120mm Blue

11C*30*120mm Gold

11C*30*120mm Green

11C*30*120mm Pink

PJ100B (100G)

PJ100S (100G)

PJ10S (10g)

PJ150B (150G)

Bubble envelope (25cm x 29cm)

Bubble envelope (30cm x 32cm)

Bubble envelope (35cm x 45cm)


Brown bubble roll

bubble roll


Candy plastic


200 x 146 x 190

270 x 207 x 220

270 x 215 x 225

276 x 209 x 250

Cloh zipper bag (23cm*30cm)

Cloth zipper bag (24cm*34cm)

Cloth zipper bag(20cm*26cm)


Container with lids


Cookies Plastic Bag

Cookies Plastic Bag

Cookies Plastic Bag

CPB001 (Monter)


Black & White tiub bottle

Black soft tiub bottle


Bag 034

Bag 21

Bag 248






Filter roll


10cm*15cm Black

10cm*15cm Gold

10cm*15cm Green

10cm*15cm Purple

14oz (400ml) Black paper cup

14oz (400ml) Brown paper cup

14oz (400ml) Coco paper cup

14oz (400ml) Red paper cup

Ice cream cup


1002 100mm x 200mm

10cm x 15cm

11cm x 23cm

Hanger 10cm x 15cm

Can Sealing Machine

Can Sealing machine

Seal foil machine


Measurement cup


PP Cup


OPP Stick Bag (110mm x 240mm)

OPP Stick Bag (120mm x 170mm)

OPP Stick Bag (50mm x 80mm)

OPP Stick Bag (60mm x 80mm)

Paper container


Pizza hut box


Single Plastic Cup Bag


1000ml PP Cup

32oz plastic cup

32oz plastic cup

32oz plastic cup+straw+plastic bag

Black jar 1090ml(8.5cm*20cm)

Black jar 155ml(5.5cm x 8cm)

Black jar 200ml(5.5cm x 10cm)

Black jar 245ml(5.5cm x 12cm)

1751 (245g) 1471 (110g)


Dia 40mm x 290mm(H)

Dia 60mm x 115mm(H)

Dia 60mm x 120mm(H) / 150mm(H)

Dia 60mm x 125mm(H)

Seal Foil Machine

Sealing machine

vertical sealing machine


Slical gel


Honey straw

Paper straw


Filter tea bag

Nylon tea bag (160mm)

Nylon tea bag roll

Tea Bag

100ml tiub bag

3 seal tiub bag

Foil Tiub bag


Gold vaccum bag (100+60*330mm)

Gold vaccum bag (120+60*350mm)

Gold vaccum bag (60+40*220mm)

Sliver vaccum bag (110mm+60mm*300mm)

Zipper bag (10cm x 15cm)

Zipper bag (10cm x 15cm)

Zipper bag (13cm x 20cm)

Zipper bag (15cm x 23cm)

Black Foil Bag (110mm x 160mm)

Black Foil Bag (140mm x 200mm)

Black Foil Bag (160mm x 240mm)

Black Foil Bag (180mm x 260mm)

17cm x 15cm

bear 15cm x 20cm

Cat 15.5cm x 23cm

Juice Plastic Bag

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